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My name is Haley. I live in a small, rural town in Ohio. I'm a wife, dog mom, soccer coach, and marketing director. I love to travel to new places and truly believe that experiences are worth more than possessions. 

I started this blog to not only give myself an outlet to write daily and tell my story, but to help any of you that are looking for inspiration, motivation, advice, and connection. 

My life right now is the bridge between a college student and an adult. While I've graduated with a degree and married my high school sweetheart, I still don't see myself as an "adult" quite yet. I'm learning how to budget and keep my husband and myself on track, I'm learning how to interview well and get that dream job (which literally JUST happened... horray!) and I'm learning how to balance all the important things in life like work, family, health, and finances.

I love to read and expand my mind by learning from others who have had completely different experiences than me. I also love to read about adventures and fantasy worlds. They truly help to stay in tune with your creative and imaginative side. 

I'm an avid adventurer and love traveling. Lucky for me, my husband (and dogs!) do too! We have taken several spontaneous trips to the beach for the weekend, traveled to over 10 different states together, and been out of the country a few times! I absolutely love traveling with my better half. Nothing makes two people closer than sitting together in an airport all morning waiting for their flight or being trapped in a car for seven hours. There is so much to learn about yourself, your travel buddy, and the actual destination.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog! And I hope it can help you in whatever way you need it to, whether it be encouragement, finding your passion, or learning how to conquer your school debt.

I look forward to getting to know you!


 xo,  Haley

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